Like many others in Nassau County, Diane Eckel grieves her real property assessments. The stakes are high. Taxpayers can save tens of thousands of dollars in successful challenges. But knowing how the County determines values is critical to making a challenge. Particularly helpful are the comparable sales the County uses to determine value. Ms. Eckel made a Freedom of Information Law request for those comparables and Nassau County refused to disclose them. The county argues that comparables are assessor opinions exempt from disclosure. This unjustified nondisclosure leaves Ms. Eckel completely in the dark.

GJC filed lawsuit for Ms. Eckel seeking the comparables the County used to reach a final decision. GJC seeks a decision that comparables are “factual data” not exempt from disclosure. A victory for Ms. Eckel could help save taxpayers large sums of money. And such precedent may make it easier for all New Yorkers to challenge their assessments.