Our Mission:
To protect taxpayers from government waste, negligence, misappropriation and other improper actions.

The Government Justice Center is an independent, not-for-profit legal center that provides pro bono representation and legal services to protect the rights of New Yorkers in the face of improper action by state or local governments.

We believe our government functions best when held to the highest standards of transparency and accountability, and that government should follow the same laws to which private citizens are held. We work to make sure New Yorkers get the transparency and due process they deserve and are entitled to.

Director of Litigation

Cameron J. “Cam” Macdonald serves as director of litigation for the Government Justice Center. Throughout his career, he has represented clients in complex matters around the country, most recently focusing on bankruptcy and commercial litigation at a firm in Baltimore, Maryland.

Cam joined the GJC for the opportunity to apply his skills and experience to public advocacy, litigating cases to protect individual rights and curb government excess, while educating the public on the importance of government accountability and transparency.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York and a law degree from the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. Cam is admitted to the bar in New York.


Tyler Kenneth Patterson is counsel for the Government Justice Center. Prior to joining GJC Tyler most recently worked as a litigation associate handling complex employment law matters. He received his law degree from Penn State Law School in 2011 and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Binghamton University.

Tyler is a member of the New York Bar.