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The Government Justice Center provides free legal representation to those whose rights are violated by government. We represent individuals and entities who cannot afford private counsel, or who do not have an economic stake in the case that justifies private litigation.

GJC is funded entirely by private donations and therefore operates with limited resources. We focus on litigating precedent-setting cases that advance a specific and predetermined set of public policy objectives approved by our Board of Directors.

GJC does not take the certain types of matters, including criminal cases, lawsuits cases against private parties, and family law cases.

If you believe you may have a case, please provide relevant information about the case in the form on this page. You may also write to us at the address below, or email If your inquiry meets the criteria described above, we will make every effort to respond as time and resources permit.

    Notice: Use of the submission form does not establish an attorney-client relationship between you and the Government Justice Center. There is no assurance that information that you transmit will be maintained as confidential. Please only send your contact information and any non-confidential, general information related to your legal matter.

    You are solely responsible for meeting any statute of limitations, deadline, or other requirement for your case, and you should not rely on the Government Justice Center to help you meet those requirements while your submission is being reviewed.