Recent Cases

Department of Labor Abusing the FOIL Disclosure Exemptions

A FOIL request for records between two public agencies was denied for blanket exemption claims. As more and more agencies deny requests without stating explicit reasons, transparency becomes harder to grasp. GJC hopes to remedy this by setting a precedent in this case against DOL and the Town of Queensbury.

Fighting for Vocational Freedom

Lori Smith is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and horse enthusiast. She was ordered by the state of New York to cease and desist her horse massage therapy business, “Five Feathers Equine Massage.”

Uncovering Nassau County Assessment Secrets

The Government Justice Center has filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court in Nassau County on behalf of Mr. Duffy to grant him and other residents access to the algorithm used in determining real residential property values in the recent countywide reassessment process.