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Uncovering a deadly nursing home cover-up

In a nationally reported story earlier this year, GJC obtained a court order compelling the Cuomo Department of Health to disclose to Empire Center data on Covid nursing home deaths that had been kept from the public to hide underreported fatalities. On Feb. 3, 2021, a court ruled in favor of the center’s case and […]

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Challenging the constitutionality of pay

When an unelected committee approved pay raises for the state’s legislators, GJC filed a lawsuit alleging the raises were unconstitutional. A Supreme Court justice agreed with GJC, striking down two scheduled pay raises as well as a ban on state lawmakers’ ability to earn outside income. The New York Court of Appeals recently granted arguments […]

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Defending a rape survivor’s right to free speech

In a blatant misuse of political power, the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE), which is tasked with regulating lobbying in New York, came after Kat Sullivan—a rape survivor who was pushing for the passage of the Child Victims Act. Inexplicably, JCOPE began investigating Sullivan for what they deemed “unregistered lobbying” in support of the […]

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