The current crisis has altered New York—and the country—in dramatic ways. Here at the Government Justice Center, we’ve been monitoring the changes in the rules governing public gatherings and business operations and evaluating their necessity and legality. It’s GJC’s intention to protect the changes that will reduce government waste and abuse and push back against those that represent unnecessary power grabs.

Our COVID-19 work:

Public Interest Law Firm Weighs in on Rensselaer County RV Campground Dispute Times Union

Rensselaer County Strands Seasonal Campers: GJC represents Frank Genevick, a seasonal camper in Rensselaer county, who already paid his seasonal fees and wishes to return to his camper but the county refuses to open the campgrounds.

ESD Determining Fates in Darkness: Empire State Development (ESD) is in charge of determining what businesses should be deemed “essential” and has been less than transparent about its decision-making.

Governor Cuomo’s Executive Orders: a comprehensive list of executive order issued by Gov. Cuomo in response to the pandemic.

GJC Urges Transparency on Medical Equipment Plans: we sent a letter requesting clarification about Cuomo’s executive order allowing the state’s Department of Health to take medical equipment from anyone in the state.

Upholding Open Meetings Law: we sent a letter to the Colonie Town Supervisor advising the Town Board to both livestream and record their town meetings in compliance with state Open Meetings Law after the Board failed to do so.